Nicholas Frye


Piano Tuning and Repair Technician

Professional and Reliable Service
Over 30 Years Experience
Covering North Yorkshire
Surrounding Area's

2 Low Stakesby Hall,
Harrowing Drive,
YO21 1JW

01947 602881


From the Internet Blog of Katherine C in Leeds.

Recommended: Nicholas Frye Piano Tuning and Maintenance in Whitby on Oct 9, 2008

"It is so nice to see a traditional company like this providing a service to the hundreds of us in the area that do actually own a piano and like it tuned (it is still a very hard profession and not something I would even attempt to do myself). This company is very professional, traditional, old fashioned and fair. The prices are excellent considering the clear care and attention that goes into tuning each piano and the reason that I have recommended them to many of my friends and family in the South. They can usually fit you in within a few days of calling and are an absolute pleasure to interact with. The cost is competitive and well worth it. If you have an old piano, get it tuned and enjoy the pleasure it will give you."

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